Practical Life

Students take part in exercises that allow the child to adapt and interact with his/her environment at home and in school. Care of self, care of the environment, grace and courtesy, and fundamental skills such as control of movement are the cornerstones of practical life.



Materials are a basis for abstractions and classification of all the impressions the child has received since birth. Each material isolates one quality helping the child to order for themselves all the impressions in their environment.



The math materials lead the child from the concrete to the abstract; children develop skills in numeration, number recognition, the four operations and fractions.



The use of rich language and precise vocabulary, stories, songs and meaningful conversation assist the child’s self expression. The acquisition of reading and writing is approached from a phonetic program developed by Montessori.



Geography, science, history and art combine to help children understand their place within the world. Respect and understanding of nature and other cultures are emphasized.